Hebridean Sky Survey Visit


Hebridean Sky Survey Visit

This month Sara travelled to Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego in Argentina) to visit two ships; The Hebridean Sky and the Island Sky. After a long flight to Buenos Aires and a drive around town via the domestic airport Sara got on a 3 hour flight down to the tip of South America. “Incredible place; Ushuaia. Felt like the end of the world and pretty much was. Warm, kind, friendly people, but then we also experienced that in Buenos Aires” Sara tells us.

On the first day of her trip Sara stepped on board The Hebridean Sky which had not come out of the southern hemisphere for a long time. The ship was only docked for one day and was then sailing off with passengers on a new expedition. The ship is beautiful with a distinctive Art Deco feel to the design throughout. There are 61 cabins, and all are spacious, beautiful and very stylish already. Sara was there to survey for work required in the next Dry Dock in 2020. Sara surveyed and estimated exactly what work was required throughout the boat, and evaluated; what work was able to start immediately and what works could wait until the next Dry Dock. Taking detailed dimensions, working out schemes, fabrics, finishes and designs were all part of Sara’s itinerary. The Island Sky, which is an identical ship to the Hebridean Sky, came into port the next day so Sara could finalise the scope of works for the Hebridean Sky and check measurements. As well as the survey of the Hebridean Sky Sara was able to put together a detailed scope of works for the Island Sky too.

It was a packed couple of days, trying to get the most work possible out of the time that the ships were in dock. Upon reflection of her trip Sara said “It was a pleasure being able to spend time on both these ships as they are so beautiful and pleasurable. The port of Ushuaia was incredible, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, clean, clear and still waters leading your eye out in the direction of Antartica. There was a calm feeling surrounding the town and then when we didn’t think it could get more beautiful, the sun came out!”

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