15 minutes with… Maddie


15 minutes with… Maddie

We are still navigating this unusual time. And with everyone still burrowed away in their own homes, many working from their kitchen tables, we thought it is the perfect chance for us all to get to know each other a little better.

So here is our 15 minutes with…
Maddie Garrood

What key creative influences inspire you?
Several creative influences inspire me from different sectors of the creative industry. Thomas Heatherwick’s organic and innovative architectural projects are some of the most beautiful designs I have seen. However, it is his creative process of reaching a final design that inspires me.

Thomas Heatherwick’s Cape Town Art Gallery Design

David Hockney’s colourful Artwork also inspires me. I love the pop of colour and patterns found in his paintings. Similar to this is Johnathan Adler, who also uses colour and patterns but adds a quirky aspect to create his pieces. I find they both give me a sense of joy and shows that you can still be fun with whatever you create.

What one quote or piece of advice will you never forget? 
“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.” 
– Maya Angelou

Can you describe your at home style?
If I had to define my current home style, it would be ‘Urban Modern’. Throughout my home, I have elements that would be regarded as Industrial or Contemporary, which I soften by using a mix of decorative accents, soft furnishings and botanicals.

Statement pieces are a key element in my home and often become the talking point in conversations. Whether that’s Artwork that I have created or furniture I have up-cycled – I recently procured a vintage globe bar, which I am currently restoring! I like to be hands-on with these elements and have found that they add character and personality to my home.

What can you remember of the interior decor of your home as a child?
My childhood home didn’t have a defined style. It was always changing, due to my Dads constant need to be doing something! We had a lot if DIY elements, but they always worked together.

My parents let me be as creative as I wanted with my room; whether that was painting a landscape on my bedroom wall or hanging Sarees from my ceiling to create an ‘Arabian Night’ theme. I am grateful that I was allowed to explore my creativity as a child, without so I probably wouldn’t be where I am today!

What pieces can’t you live without at home and why?
My ‘David Hockney: A bigger Picture’ book. I have always loved his artwork and found this book in a second-hand Book Shop and HAD to get it! At the time I really wanted an eye-catching coffee table book, which this was perfect for. I bought it for £9.50. Only when I was on the bus home, I searched the ISBN number and found that the book was being sold, second hand, for over £100!!

A Bigger Picture – David Hockney

What has been your career highlight so far?
The highlight of my career so far has been seeing a design become reality. The most rewarding felling I’ve had is seeing a project through from brief to fit out.

What, in your view, is the secret to good interior design?
There has always been the argument of ‘Form over Function’ or ‘Function over Form’. But why not both? To me, the two should be just as important as each other for a design to work. You could have the most beautiful interior with hand crafted Italian furniture and bespoke lighting – but with no thought of how the space is used or how it could be utilised can completely diminish the interior. Having a design that both looks amazing and works to the brief at hand, but also considers of how the function of the space could be developed is what I consider a good interior design.

What was the first interior space to impact you?
The Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel in India. On one of my travels around India with my parents, we ended up at a hotel which was built by one of the former Maharaja of Mysore. Our rooms were upgraded, and we stayed in one of the Grand Suites. The interior itself was very dated, but the fact that I could do 10 consecutive cartwheels in the lounge really wowed my eight-year-old self!

If you could go on a spending spree tomorrow what are the first three things you would buy for your home?
Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman
Love Dining table by Giorgio Soressi
Henri Matisse Lithograph print Blue Nude

Love Dining table by Giorgio Soressi

What one thing do you wish you had never purchased?
Cheap drawers! They always fall apart!

Tell us about a hotel that has wowed you, why did you love it so much?
One of my favourite hotels is Chewton Glen in Hampshire. The first thing that caught my breath was the gorgeous traditional English country house that makes up the hotel. The interior design and staff make the hotel feel more like a home, where you can instantly relax! For me food is a huge part of a hotel experience and the food at Chewton Glen is DELICIOUS!

Chewton Glen – Image source: Linus Moran © 2010

What do you think the next design trend will be?
The Pandemic has caused a lot of thought into future design. Such as development of more Antimicrobial fabrics and surfaces and minimal contact objects. Apart from these elements, I think that the future of design will become more surreal and colourful. A place where guests and clients can ‘escape’ from reality.

What has helped you through the covid-19 lockdown?
For me, I have kept creative. Painting, cooking and reading. These have all provided me a form of escapism. I especially loved cooking, as you get to eat it all after….

What do you like to do for yourself outside of work and family?
I love a bath with a glass of wine and a book. Of course, with loads of bubble bath!

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