15 minutes with… Deborah


15 minutes with… Deborah

Well here is a new face in our team. Deborah has only recently joined us as a Project Manager. Let’s find out more about Deborah.

So here is our 15 minutes with…
Deborah O’Sullivan

What key creative influences inspire you?
Modern art is a core influence for me. I like to visit galleries when I can. I enjoy the joy of the colour and patterns, alongside things being viewed in a different way to common preconceptions.

What one quote or piece of advice will you never forget? 
I don’t know where it comes from but I love the saying
“If it doesn’t speak to you then don’t let it speak for you”.

Can you describe your at home style?
I would say that my home is fairly eclectic. I have new mixed with out. I have many items that I have up-cycled. Everything has a story to it.

What can you remember of the interior decor of your home as a child?
The most poignant memories of my childhood home was colour and patterns. My mum used to, amongst other jobs, reupholster furniture and make curtains. There was always fabrics around. I think it gave her the confidence to be bold in our home. I also remember my dad collecting blue willow plates and displaying them all over one wall in the kitchen. If I had the appropriate wall in my home now I may be tempted to recreate it!

Image credit: Amanda Stout

What pieces can’t you live without at home and why?
This is tough… most of my things have a purpose, or I just love them. I do love a large wooden or ornate tray. They are great to contain clusters of books and magazines.

What has been your career highlight so far?
I feel like the best is yet to come. But to date I would say branding and helping to launch the first few venues of Flight Club Darts was pretty amazing.

Flight Club, Shoreditch

What, in your view, is the secret to good interior design?
I feel a space needs to have a story, and you need to really understand how someone will be interacting in that space before you can start to think about what to fill it with and how.

What was the first interior space to impact you?
I love vast spaces so it would probably have to be the Eden Project.

If you could go on a spending spree tomorrow what are the first three things you would buy for your home?
Midnight Pantomine print by Natasha Coverdale.
An orange velvet sofa, my living room needs a little more pop.
A TiiPii bed for my garden.

Midnight Pantomine by Studio Coverdale

What one thing do you wish you had never purchased?
Low quality paint! I love to liven up a room with a change of wall colour. Doing four coats of cheap paint is no fun.

Tell us about a hotel that has wowed you, why did you love it so much?
La Residence at Franschhoek in South Africa. It is both opulent and intimate in the same breathe.

La Residence, Franschhoek

What do you think the next design trend will be?
I would venture two trends that will be present soon – Hygiene will be making an impact of design given the Covid-19 pandemic. I also believe there will be a revival of ‘locally made’ as due to the aforementioned pandemic people are becoming closer as communities.

What has helped you through the covid-19 lockdown?
It is important for me to keep busy. I have never been one to just sit still for too long. I have created art, redecorated a few rooms in my home and exercised a lot. Getting out for a run or on my road bike has been a great invigorator.

Deborah has found herself dressing to match her own art in lockdown!

What do you like to do for yourself outside of work and family?
My real treat is horse riding.

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